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About Us

We are a company developing web, mobile and design marketing software. Sparrow has been a marketplace since 2015 helping clients to grow their business.

Our Solutions

Web Applications

We work with two most renowned program languages in the world such as 'Python', and 'PHP' which is for the back-end part. Also regarding the front-end, two prestigious frameworks on Javascript such as 'Reactjs' & 'Angular' are used.

Mobile Applications

We provide solutions for the two most used platform such as android and IOS.

API integration

REST API, Graphql, JSON API, XML and API are the methods which are used. Finally, high perfomance API's will be built by us so that your program is able to exchange a great amount of data in collaboration with third parties in a fortified and prductive way.


Our business provides the best customer service in collaboration with third parties such as 'Google', 'Zoho mail' 'OHV' etc.

Custom Hosting

We provide to your company Custom Web Hosting like Azure, AWS & Etc which offers hosting plans with reliable, lightning-fast-servers and 24/7 full support at a very reasonable price.

Server Configuration

We help to create Software as a service which is a software license and also customize and administer your server.

SSL implementation

The security of the data stored on a file server is very important these days. We offer Our clients to protect their content from the Web Server using HTTPS.

Email Hosting

We are in partner with Microsoft Office 365 Business, Google G Suite Business & Zoho Mail that helps your company to host email with the best service in the world.

Spot & Ads

We create photo shootings, record videos & post-production. The Best ways to advertise your company are with sms, email marketing and socal media.

Graphic Design

We create brand ideas, Logos, Banners, Web templates Mockups, icons, etc.

Why choose us?

Precision and seriousness at work has made us stronger by overcoming the challenges we face and by successfully completing projects.


Precision and communication are the strongest weapon we present to our customers.


It's called 'balance' because not only is the best price given but also a reasonable one for every solution that has been resolved.

Vision for the future

We are always up to date with the latest technology and we consult our clients to use them.






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Our Team

Meet our team of professionals in the technology field.

Zmijan Velija

CEO & Founder

Artur Allkoci

Web Developer

Ermal Shehu

Graphic Design

Elvis Sela

Frontend Developer

Our Clients

Below are the loyal customers in which are in collaboration with us.

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Sheshi Jozef San Martin, 1001

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